Luck o' the Irish

March 19, 2011

Dear Children,
     Last year for St. Patricks Day the Leprechauns came to visit us because we left out sparkly and gold items on the kitchen table.  They took the items and left you gold wrapped chocolates and green silly string.  

This year we decided to try and trap them by decorating little boxes and putting glue in them with sparkly items.  You all decided (after Clara first did it) that the best way to catch them was just to put an excessive amount of gold glitter in the box with glue so it would be like quick sand.   If you look closely at the picture you can see little gold footprints where those silly Leprechauns escaped and wiped the glue off their shoes!

They left you green silly string (bubbles for Atticus) and gold covered candy again.  They even left a trail of little green shamrocks all over the house where they had been!  Clara told me I was, "so, so smart to think of the trap, but next year we'll just have to be smarter".

Nora's St. Patrick's Day outfit.  She was
dressed 'Wild & Wacky' for preschool. 

Nora thought it would be great fun to take some pictures of me in my Wacky
St. Patrick's Day outfit and she told me to make a silly face.

On St. Patrick's Day I let you guys eat Lucky Charms for breakfast and I packed you a school lunch that was full of green food.  For dinner I bought the fixings for Corned Beef and Cabbage, but Papa asked me to make green chile chicken enchiladas for a Potluck at his school so we had that instead. We did have our yummy lime sherbet floats for dessert though. 

Jonas informed us that if you catch a Leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day he has to give you 3 Wishes.

Nora's 3 Wishes
Clara's 3 Wishes
Jonas' 3 Wishes

Good luck with those wishes!  Love, Mama


  1. I might of said this before but I am in love with this blog! You are such a cute mom.

  2. Ha! Thanks, so very nice of you!