W is for Wild & Wacky!

Hello Preschool Parents!

This week your children learned about the letter 'Ww'.

The first half of the week was Wild Animal Week.  We talked about 'wild' versus 'domestic' animals.  Some of the kids came dressed to school as wild animals or brought a toy animal with them.

For Music and Movement we played 'Wild Animal Tag' where they had to try and grab each others tails.

For our sensory project we talked about Water and how different wild animals use water.  They bathe in it, drink it and some live in it.

I let the children play in water and they did an experiment with growing wild animals in water.

We also talked about how humans use water and how it's similar to wild animals.  I then showed them our new sign in the restroom and the 'w' words on it with some uses for water.

For arts and crafts we made a wild elephant.

Brandon & Thayne playing with the wild animals for Free Time
We had Wheat Thins and Watermelon for our snack.

The second half of the week was Wacky Week.  Some people came to school dressed in wacky clothes (including me).  We talked about the word 'wacky' and that it means 'silly or crazy'.  We all thought St. Patrick's Day was a wacky holiday.

For Arts and Crafts we talked about wishes and that if you catch a Leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day he has to give you 3 Wishes.  The younger class made Leprechaun Traps to try and catch one and the older class made a book called, 'My 3 Wishes'.  I drew pictures of what each child wished for and then they colored them.

We had our St. Patrick's Day Party and we ate green jello, green grapes, green apples, green rice crispy treats, green broccoli, green celery and green lime sherbet floats.  Wacky and Yummy!

For Circle Time these are the books we read throughout the week:

  • Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
  • Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin
  • The Wizard by Jack Prelutsky
  • Wake up, Sun! by David L. Harrison
  • Ww by Kelly Doudna
  • What and Where by Robert B. Noyed
  •  Willy the Dreamer by Anthony Browne

The Star Student of the week was Simone.  

Good Job Simone!


  1. LOVE the Wild & Wacky outfits and tails!

  2. Simone made sure everyone knew that she was
    the Star Student! Especially Cadence:(

  3. She's so funny. Don't worry, Cadence will get her turn. :)