Q is for Quilt

Hello Preschool Parents!

This week your children learned about the letter 'Qq'.

The children cuddled up under quilts while I read "The Quiltmaker's Gift" by Jeff Brumbeau.  It's one of my all time favorite children's books.

The older class thought it would be fun to jump on the pile of quilts after story time.

That was fine with me.  They were having so much fun!

I put a stop to the fun once they began to not only jump on the quilts, but on each other too!

We then made our own quilts by gluing colored paper together.  With the younger class we talked about our colors and with the older class we discussed patterns.

We read "The Queen's Feet" by Sarah Ellis and then we searched for the Queens jewels in the rice bin for our sensory project.

For Arts and Crafts we painted with Q-tips.

For Music and Movement we played 'Quiet and Calm/ Loud and Crazy'. We also went on a quest for a quetzal around the yard. 

For snack we had Quesadillas.

During Ready Readers I've been working on names for those that don't yet know how to spell their name.  Please practice this at home with your child.

Thanks for a great week!  Meshan


  1. I wish I were a child at your preschool! It looks like so much fun! Want to move to Idaho?

  2. Aneesa, you're too kind! I would move to Idaho if it wasn't for the ccccold.