Rock Stars!

Dear Children, 
     This picture makes me feel all kinds of crazy love for the two of you.  It also makes me feel slightly afraid. 

It was Rock Star day at school today and you wore totally wild and rockin' outfits.  

After Clara's break out dance moves Jonas said, "Oh!  I know what a Rock Star does!".  Apparently they climb on the side of a house, straddle a hose, flash 'I love you' to their mom and then proceed to slip and fall.

The next Rock Star attempt was better.

AIR GUITARS!!  If Clara's guitar had a name I'm pretty sure it would be, 'Rock-a-bye Baby' or maybe even, 'Tickle, Tickle, Tickle'.

Wahoo!  I'm a Rock Star!

 Ho-hum... Lovely day isn't it?

Dun-duh-duh-dun it's... Super Jonas!

Look at me, I'm a Rock Star too!  Er?

Me too!  Hmm.

I love you my little Rock Stars, Mama


  1. Best. Blogpost. Ever. LOL! Totally ROCKIN!

  2. gosh. those kids were lovin the camera! good stuff guys. good stuff.

  3. Great Pictures. Must be the little rockers.