The Best Day Ever

May 20, 2011
Dear love,
    You know how when Clara's having a good day she enthusiastically squeals, "This is the best day EVER!"?  Well, that's how I felt about today.

I had planned on running errands this morning while you were out mountain biking.  Right before you left you asked if I wanted to go with you.  Umm ...a bike ride with my husband whom I never see?  Let's hit the road baby!  I quickly procured a babysitter and we were off.

Let me start off this recap by saying the last time I went Mountain Biking was in High School and I ended up flying over the front handlebars and landing on my face.  The last time I exercised was, well, I guess a year ago when I ran a half marathon.

You told me we were going on a trail for beginners and that it was only four miles long.  Either you were lying or severely misinformed. :)

Even though the start of the trail was nice and easy my body wasn't used to such physical exertion and the desert had no sympathy.

 After awhile I got into it and actually started to enjoy myself... until we came to Death Mountain.  For the life of me I couldn't figure out my gears and I ended up walking a lot little.

I thought I was going to die going up the mountain and my body was mad at myself and you.  I kept having to give myself pep talks,  "Come on, you can do it!", "Just a little further.",  "That's right you're the bomb!", "You've given natural child birth to four children for crying out loud!", "Go! Just pump your legs!", "Don't be such a wimp!"...

The view at the top was so worth it.  I felt amazing.  That is, until we went down the hill.  I thought I was going to die for a whole different reason.  There were some seriously slick rocks and nasty spots to overcome.  The pep talks were more along the lines of, "Whoa nelly, slow down.", "Just take it easy, this isn't a race.", "Yes, your husband is way ahead, but at least you're alive.", "You got this girl!"

We took a wrong turn at one point and ended up going through the wash.  You told me we needed to hurry because it was almost time to get the kids.  Yep, okay, Roger that... I'll hurry through the weeds, boulders and gravel while making my own trail.  Ugh!  I was so done with mountain biking by then.

Once we made it to the car and I realized I was alive I felt great!  I did it and (gasp) I even liked it!  How is that possible?  I have no idea but I'm ready to do it again.  

Our fabulous day was far from over.  Prior to the bike ride we had already planned on going out for a celebration dinner.  We picked up the kids and had just enough time to get ready before the babysitter came over.  

We went to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in honor of you finishing your second year of Pharmacy school.  Woot, woot!  I decided to get you a gift in celebration and you were very surprised to open the indestructable sports camera you had had your eye on for awhile.  A very expensive dinner was followed by the movie, "Thor" at the cheap theater.

Today felt like the good ol' days.  You know, back in Monterey when we spent our free time going from one fun activity to the next and never tiring of each other's company.  Aaah, it was wonderful.  Thanks babe, I needed that.

Love, Me


  1. No F bomb?!?! You make me feel bad:) It looks beautiful and fun. YOU are beautiful and fun.

  2. Ha! I thought of you while I was riding!!

  3. oh, you have such a great way of writing. u totally made me laugh. i love your "pep" talks.