Clara Turns 7

May 27, 2011
Dear Clara,
     Today we celebrated YOU.

The day started off with the opening of presents.  The loot was hiking boots, a piggy bank, a headlamp, china for Molly and Samantha, chairs for Molly and Samantha and bangles.

For Breakfast you chose to have Chocolate Chip Silly Face Pancakes.

You had field day at school today and then I took you and Nora to McDonalds for a Birthday lunch date.

When you went back to school you gave the students in your class (all 40 of them) a goody bag.  Your teacher gave you a stamp activity set.

When school got out we hit the road for New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.

Happy Birthday my Clarasita!

What I love about Clara:
* Kind Hearted
* Sensitive
* your Dimple
* Stubborn (without this trait I don't think you would have survived when you were a baby)
* Eager to Choose the Right

All my love, Mama

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