Little Monkey

May 15, 2011 8:35pm
Dear Atticus,
     We got you a little monkey for Christmas and you've recently become interested in him again.

The other night you played with him for almost an hour, which for you, is an extremely long time.

You grabbed a blanket and pretended to go to sleep with him.

I think I know why you like Mr. Monkey so much.

You are, in fact a monkey yourself.

A very mischievous monkey.

Good thing you're cute, Mama


  1. That is Santiago's nickname. When he was little he would cling to me like a baby monkey, then would climb like one. When he was about 5 we were walking into Costco and he asked me not to call him Monkey anymore. I asked him what I should call him, he thought a minute and said "Snake". We still call him Monkey.