Bieber Babz

May 14, 10:01pm
Dear Nora,
     To say you like soccer would be a huge understatement.  You can't get enough of the sport.

You score at least two goals at every game and this time you broke your record by scoring seven.

On the days you don't have practice you're asking, "When's practice?"... "What day is it again?"..."Is today practice?"... "What time is practice?"..."Do I have a game today?"... "Can I take my ball to Jonas/Clara's soccer practice?"..."Who wants to play soccer?????!"

Another goal by #7!

You're one of the smallest kids on the field, but I think you have the most determination.  Check out the tongue sticking out and the sweet break away.

Girl, you're fierce out there!  At your first game we watched in total amazement as our usually shy Nora turned into a force to be reckoned with.  We literally had to pick our jaws up off the floor.  We had no idea the passion you would have for the sport.

Another goal!

If a game isn't going the way you like your feathers get ruffled and everyone in your vicinity better watch out.

The picture below makes me laugh because if you look closely you can see the girl on the left cheering that you scored another goal and the girl on the opposing team is like, "Oh great, not another one!"

It's so fun to watch you play and hopefully Papa will be able to coach you sometime and your name can be something cool like Purple Doom.

For now we'll just have to say... Go Bieber Babz!  You don't even know who Justin Bieber is!

Love you my fierce one.  Mama


  1. cannot tell you how much I love these pictures...I want to be a soccer mom sooooo bad!

  2. WOW! Can't wait to see how she is in high school! She's gonna break records!

  3. oh yeah! we love soccer here too! way to be nora!

  4. I remember watching her Poppa and Aunts play. Go Nora! Loved the pictures.

  5. These are some great action shots! She looks like a total pro! And I am sure she is.

  6. Holy Cow! 7?!?! She would never score that many playing against you and I:)

  7. She totally looks like a real deal serious player! Her hair, her shirt tucked in! Her action shots! Dang! I can't imagine if this continues...