Oh Happy Day!

Dear Love,

     Thank you for a fabulous weekend!!  It all started Friday night with a date.  A date that was loooong overdue.  We have lots of stay-at-home dates, but I can't even remember the last time we went out on a date.

My sweetie knows me very well.  You took me to a place you knew I would go gaga over.  You said I would be blown away and you were right.  It's a place I will reveal on another day so that it can have it's proper time in the spotlight.

After the secret location you took me to a most delicious restaurant called Firefly*.  Bacon wrapped Dates, Chicken and Chorizo stuffed Mushrooms, Ceviche,  Filet Mignon Sliders, Ahi Tuna and Mango skewers...yep...we had them all.  And for dessert?  Chocolate Tres Leche cake, Caramel Flan, Lemon-berry tart and Passion fruit cheesecake.  I LOVE delicious food and it tastes even better when I'm with my Love on a date.  I had a virgin Raspberry Mojito to drink and it was quite possibly the best drink I've ever had in my life.  The waiter said it tastes even better when it has rum.  I believe him.

Saturday was full of soccer games, soccer games and more soccer games.  I'm finally starting to enjoy being a soccer mom.  It's a good thing since 6 months out of the year are consumed with it.

Sunday was Mother's Day and it was grand.  For breakfast I had pizza, a Crispy Creme donut, and Limeade.  That strikes me as funny, but I loved it.

After breakfast I opened my Mother's Day mega gift from you.  Yay, towels!  Our old ones were absolutely horrible and now we have luxurious five star resort WHITE ones.


It was very nice having you home this morning and not at church meetings so that you could help me get everyone ready.  You bathed all the kids and even blow dried the girls hair for me.  What a guy.

As I was getting myself ready for church I was thinking about my mom and how we always used to match on Mother's Day.  I find it to be very cheesy, yet endearing.  Without purposefully buying matching outfits I realized the girls and I already had some that would work and the boys could even semi-match with us.  Score!  I  got everyone ready and with just minutes to spare before we headed out the door  I corralled everyone for a group photo.  I did a quick pass over to make sure we were all presentable when I noticed a big ol' spot on Jonas' shirt from breakfast.  ARGH!  These are the resulting shots you so beautifully captured:

You were already outside with the three youngest and started to take pictures without Jonas and I (hmm, not quite centered).  When you noticed we weren't joining you, you came inside and decided to capture the action of me yelling at our son because I had repeatedly told him to be careful and not get dirty before church.

With no time left for pictures we went to church.  When we got home I was happily bombarded with homemade gifts and goodies from the children.  

You made a yummy dinner and then we relaxed for the evening.  Thanks for such a lovely weekend.

xoxo, Me


  1. I'm glad you two finally got to go on a date!

  2. What a weekend! Any weekend with a date involved is a good one! Can't wait to hear more about the mystery place.

    The food you had sounds so delish!

  3. I love the shot of you getting after Jonas:) Just keepin it real here on the blog:)