A Day at the Lake

June 11, 2011

Dear Children,
Today we decided to go to the lake at the spur of the moment.  I can't believe we live so close and yet we've never been.  It was blazin hot outside, but surprisingly the water was ffffreezing.

Did I mention the water was freezing?  Yeah, Atticus thought so too.

Jonas and Clara were the bravest and seemed to be able to handle the cold better than the rest of us.

Jonas even attempted to get diving lessons from Papa.  Um, a lot little more practice is needed.

Clara thought it would be fun to try and catch a duck.  No such luck, thank goodness.

Nora and Atticus were content to kick it on the shore most of the time.

Occasionally they would venture out, but only for a minute or two.

The only reason I'm sharing this picture is because I think it's so cute how little mama is imitating big mama.  Please disregard the hideous farmers lines and white legs.  Ugh.

Does this seem like an evenly matched water fight to you?  Hmm, Jonas?

Oh my cuteness, look at this boy:

Relaxing in the shelter Papa dear made for us to escape the heat.

Love you all, 

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