Furniture Drama (Part 5)

June 13, 2011

Dear Love,
     It's done!!!! Can I get a woot, woot?!  Oh my freakin' goodness to Betsy!  I've decided I'm way too lazy and unmotivated of a person to refinish furniture.  What I thought was going to be a week long project turned into a few month's of drama for your mama.

And now... I shall finally reveal... "THE BEAST"(in all her garish-indoor-light-I-need-to-figure-out-my-camera-she-looks-so-much-better-in-person glory!!!)... and the crowd goes wild... wait a minute... hello?

cricket, cricket

Dang!  It took me too long and all the hype and hoopla have officially made me a loser.  I know, I know.  What I need to do now is redeem myself by starting another project and this time I'll whip it out in a weekend.  Doesn't that sound like a fabulous plan, my dear?

To do this reveal properly you have to make sure you remember Furniture Drama Part 1, Part 2,  Part 3, and (yawn) Part 4.  I really thought when I started that there would be a Part 1 and Part 2, The End.  Ugh, was I ever wrong.  In case you don't want to look back and read those letters, I'll jog your memory for you.  I know you love it when I do that (heavy sarcasm).




I'm so glad you convinced me to paint the inside of all the drawers and the cabinet black because, like you said, it gives it a more finished look.

It's quite obvious this is my first project and it would have been my last except you accidentally slipped and gave me some encouragement earlier this evening.  We were all hanging out in Jonas' room and you said, "This is the coolest room in the house now."  What?!  I took that as the green light to go ahead and do many more DIY projects.

Some more aspects that upped the coolness factor in the room were the addition of your artwork I framed.  The first one is an etching of a Fennec Fox and the second is different mediums of a Tree Frog.  You did both of them in art class in Junior High.

Guess what?  I totally painted, matted and framed these all by myself!  The frames were broken and I thought about throwing them out, but the thrifty mama in me couldn't bear it, so I fixed them and then painted them.  I made the blue mat by cutting a poster board to size and then spray painting it to match the board.  Cheep and easy.  I'm not a total loser after all!!  Oh wait, yes I am.  I've been meaning to frame these since Jonas was about two.  What is he?  Eight now?  Sheesh!  I really need to get moving on all my projects or the children will be out of the house before I'm done.

On a side note:  The artwork is done by you and framed in frames that hung in my bedroom when I was about the same age you were when you were doing the art.  Isn't that just so special?  A little piece of both of us hanging on the wall.  Hmm, that sounded weird and extremely cheesy.  That's how I roll.

There you have it.  Thanks for loving me along the way.
Love, Me


  1. woot, woot! and u r not a loser! it looks great!

  2. I love it! I would never of had the patience to actually finish it...

  3. Wow! I think it was well worth all that work, mostly because its beautiful, and a little bit because it wasn't me doing the work. It really looks great! I am gearing up to redo an old nightstand into TV stand. I'll be in touch for tips and tricks of the trade.

  4. That beast is beautiful! I am completely envious of your talent! Great job Meshan!

  5. It doesn't even resemble the 'before' picture! It looks awesome! You should be so proud of yourself. It looks a thousand times better! Those projects usually do take longer than you think, but think of how many years you will be enjoying it for. So worth it!

  6. holy smokes! that looks the bomb! and the satisfaction it gives, that YOU did that, is what makes it all worth it. you follow?

    great job!