Hair Tips and Tricks

June 4, 2011

Dear Daughters,
     When you grow up you're going to fall in love.  You will then get married.  You will then have children.  Maybe a daughter or two.  You will then have to do their hair every. single. day.

(pic. 1)

Some days they'll cry, some days they'll throw a fit and most days they'll grumble at least a little.  I'm going to share some tips with you to help prevent the tears, fits, and most of the grumbles.

(pic. 2)

** If you turn doing hair into a game, it's instantly more fun.  "Oh hello, Welcome to my beauty shop.  I'm so glad you stopped by today."  This is a good time to find out what's going on inside that lovely daughters head of yours.  "So, tell me how you've been... I heard you have a test today.  Are you nervous?... How is that mother of yours?  Is she treating you good...etc."

(pic. 3)

** All hairstyles in our house now fall into one of two categories.  Braids or Waves.
Saturdays are usually braid days because they keep your hair back for soccer and running around.  On Sunday we then let your braids down and you have waves.  Monday is braids again followed by Tuesday waves.  You get the idea.  This way we only have to really do your hair every other day and it prevents your hair from getting too tangled and unmanageable.  On the wave days you have a bath that evening and the process starts over in the morning.

** When I braid your hair before school I get it slightly damp and then put a palm full of mousse on it to keep the braids in better and help the waves not be so frizzy.  On Wave day I take out the braids and run my fingers through to loosen them.  I then get a palm full of mousse and scrunch the waves.

(pic. 4)

** There are five basic braids I alternate.  Loops (pic. 1), Crown (pic. 2), Knot (pic. 3), School Girl (pic. 4) and Inside Out (pic. 5).  Sometimes we'll even mix it up and do School Girl Buns or Fish Tail.  We're fancy like that.  I've found that these braids are the fastest and eaisiest to do before school.

(pic. 5)

Easy Cheesy Lemon Squeezey, right?

Hope this helps.  Love you, Mama


  1. Love this! I needed some ideas for how to gain access to Kyla's locks. Hadley beauty shop is open for business! Your girls are beautiful!

  2. I love this post! I have fond, or maybe not so fond memories of my mom braiding my hair, and nightmares of wearing curlers to bed on Saturday nights. What a good idea to pretend you are a beauty shop!