60th Anniversary

June 3, 2011 6:22am
Dear Children,
     After our fun day at River Fest we headed back to the house so the little ones could take a nap before the big celebration.

The celebration was the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Grandpa and Grandma Livvy (aka Ulibarri).

It was at a fancy hotel and all their family and friends were there.  It was a real treat and the primary reason for us making the long trek to New Mexico.  We just love these two.  They've done so much for us and we hope to someday be as cute as them.

The food was good and the company was wonderful.  Two tragedies happened during the celebration and unfortunately they were both in our family.

1-  Clara sustained a very strange eye injury that freaked me out.  We have no idea what happened and neither does she.  She was fine the next day, but at the time her eye looked super funky and I was afraid there might be permanent damage.  While Trey was in the restroom washing out her eye he discovered the second tragedy.

2-  I share this because it's a funny story from Trey's point of view.  Jonas' point of view wasn't quite as funny.  Actually, it made my heart hurt for him.  The only way to tell this story is to just come right out and tell it how it was.  When Trey opened the door to the restroom he saw poop everywhere.  There were poop footprints, poop smudges, and a pile of poop in front of the toilet in one of the stalls.  He about gagged when he walked in because of the sight and smell.  He started washing out Clara's eye when uncle Rocky walked into the restroom.

They made eye contact and looked at each other like, "What the heck happened in here?!".
As they tried to suppress their laughter and disgust Rocky knocked on the poop stall door and said, "Are you okay in there?"
No reply.
He knocked again and said, "Do you want me to get your mom?"
Sniffle, sniffle, "Yes."
"Okay.  What's your mom's name?"
"Meshan.  My mom's name is Meshan Foutz."
Trey thought, "Oh hell no!", but what he said was, "Jonas, is that you?"
This brought instant tears from Jonas followed by blubbering about how it was an accident, I didn't make it in time (obviously), I tried to get up and leave but I couldn't because there was too much poop, I'm sorry!!

Poor kid.  We cleaned up Jonas as best we could, wrapped him in a towel and left the rest of the mess for the maid service.  Was that rude?  Should I have done more?  I at least told them there was, um, an accident in the men's room.

Sunday was nice and leisurely and it was definately needed to recover from all the fun of the previous day.  The Ulibarri clan came over to the Foutz' and we again enjoyed their backyard while lounging around visiting, swinging, and ending the day with smor'es around the campfire.  We also were able to go to my dad's house for a nice dinner with the Nygren clan.  Yipee for family!

Lots of love, Mama


  1. Um sad for Jonas but I can not help but laugh a little!

  2. i can't stop laughing.....

  3. Loved the weekend and was great to hug all the grandkids!!!!

  4. Hahahahahahahha. Hahahahahahahaha. Haha.

  5. Poor babies that breaks my heart for Jonas! Haven't we all been in some type of situation where we needed our mommies but just couldn't figure out how to get there! Wish we could have seen you guys are you coming back at all this summer?

  6. aww poor jonas but that sure is funny. it was good to see you guys we love you and come back soon please!