Preschool Graduation

June 8, 2011

Dear Nora and Atticus,

I absolutely loved this first year of Ready Readers Preschool and I'm giddy about the future.  It's mighty bright.

That being said,  I am soooo glad Preschool Graduation is over.  Just thinking about it gives me hives.  It was much more work than I anticipated and when it was all said and done I went home feeling very relieved it was over.

The successful (ha,ha) evening began when Clara threw-up a few hours before it was time for the graduation to start.  She had to come with us though because I needed Papa's help with everything.  While we were at the park she threw up two more times.  Poor girl.  I felt helpless because there was nothing I could really do because my attention had to be elsewhere.

The older class was in a play that I based on Goldilocks called, "The Twins and the Three Bears".  Nora was Goldilocks and her "twin" was Blondilocks.  Notice how Nora is holding her stomache with a queer look on her face?

Yeah?  That's because right after this picutre was taken, and right before the play was about to start, she threw up.  Notice how she's not in the next picture?

Yeah?  That's because Trey had to take her off to the side out of everyone's viewing pleasure so she could throw-up... and the play went on without her.  Here's the three little bears tasting their porridge...

 and Nora came back in to taste it too, right after the bears left for a walk in the woods (and right after she was done throwing up).

"My chair's too hard."                              "My chair's too soft."

Here's Narrator #1 reading his lines...

and Narrator #2 reading his lines as he put his arm arround me.  Too cute!

"Hey, somebody's been sitting in my chair!" 

"Somebody's been laying in my bed and there they are!"

Hallelujah... "The End"

The younger class sang a few songs with movements and Atticus would have nothing to do with it.  Here he is looking at the other kids like they're crazy.  

 And here he is looking off into the audience while picking his nose.

And Hallelejah... "The End"

It was then time to pass out diplomas and Nora looks like she's going to be sick again.

 Thus far into the evening we've had two children throw-up and one that refuses to participate, but he will happily pick his nose for everyone.  All three hiccups in the evening were (of course) from my family and then it was my turn to make a fool of myself.  

Feeling a little flustered and not all-together-with-it I overlooked a child and didn't give him a congratulatory medal (what the younger class got) or a cap and diploma (what the older class got).  When I noticed he was sitting on his mom's lap crying I hurried and gave him a graduation cap and diploma.  Here I am looking so fine trying to make amends.

And then I realize he's not graduating so I quickly yank off the cap and take the diploma away.  Realizing I've really botched things now I try and console him with two medals.  Check out my lame attempt to make everything all right.  "Ooh, you're so lucky!  You get two medals!"

And now let me present the graduating class of 2011:

While looking through the graduation pictures I happened to notice all of my awesome facial expressions.
Here take a laugh look for yourselves:

After most of the parents left and only my two lifesavers (aka Richie and Katie) remained we decided to have a cake eating contest with the leftovers.  

It was Sven (Katie's husband) vs. Richie vs. little ol' Me.  Now before you start to laugh you should know that I can hold my own with eating competitions.  I've successfully won a taco eating contest, a donut eating contest, a taquito eating contest and then had a three-way-tie with a taquito/twinkie eating contest.  Yes, I'm quite proud of my talent.  I've gained a turquoise necklace, 50 bucks, and bragging rights with it.  Thank you, thank you very much.

With all of those it was to see how much we could eat, not how fast we could eat it though.  This time it was the other way around and I had never before encountered a Sven in my contests.  That man can PACK it away with lightning speed.  Richie and I were laughing so hard we were having a hard time not gagging on our cake.  Oh how I wish I had a picture.  Sven was the champ by a long shot.

Congratulaions my lovelies,  Mama

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