What not to Wear

July 07, 2011

Dear Atticus,
     I understand that you want to be your own person.  Really, I do.  You may need to, ahem, adjust your sense of style as you get older though.  Just a suggestion.

The rest of your siblings will let me pick out their outfits and are (usually) content with what I choose.

Not you.  Somedays you absolutely insist on wearing your clothing backwards.

You feel that certain shirts belong with certain pants.  Whatever.  As long as you have clothes on I'm cool with it.


Can you at least refrain from cutting your clothes into the styles you want?  That would make me happy.

Love you, Mama


  1. BWAAAAHAAAAHAAA! These pictures made me laugh so hard! hahaha... STILL laughing & smiling. :)

  2. I love how serious he looks in all of them, like "what? I know what I'm doing here!"

    can't wait to see the finished "beast"

    did I mention how great it was to see you guys the other weekend?

  3. I like his independence and his ears pushed forward.