The Waterfall

July 14, 2011
Dear Clara,
     What began as a fun way to cool off in the heat quickly turned into a heated moment where I feared for your life.

What do you get when you combine heat + hiking + children + a river?  Why, a good time, of course.  Or so it should be.  We hiked to the end of the trail and on the way back down we had to cross a river.

The two older boys were having a great time, crossing back and forth numerous times.  

Clara was a bit more hesistant, unsure of the swift, cold water.  Trey was standing as guard, making sure no one got swept away in the current.  

If someone happened to get caught in the current they would go over the edge of the waterfall.  The picture just doesn't do it justice.  That mama was about 30 feet high.

Apparently we're not the smartest parents in the world.  I mean, really.  Who would let their children play in one of the swiftest parts of the river with a waterfall a few feet away?  Um, that would be us.

Clara soon got into the action of crossing the river and was having a grand time playing with the big boys.  I was standing in the middle of the river, helping Atticus cross, when my feet suddenly got swept out from under me.  What the??  How did that happen?! I looked around, quickly going into panic mode.
I noticed Clara was under me and I was RIDING her down the river.  I glanced behind me and saw that her head was underwater.  She couldn't breathe!  I was freaking out.  I tried standing up but couldn't, the water was too swift.  I didn't even think to roll off of her, because, like I said I was panicking.  After what seemed like forever I finally got my footing and stood up.  Trey grabbed her and quickly set her on dry ground. 

I realize it doesn't look very deep from the pictures, but it was really fast.  Trust me on this one.

After it happened I think she was in a little bit of shock because she just sat on a rock looking around, not saying anything.  No tears, no fuss, just calm.  When I told her that her glasses were lost in the river, however, she did shed a tear or two.  Once things settled down a bit I took her picture and she gave me a weak grin.  I sure love my little girl and I'm so glad nothing happened to her.   

Many kisses and hugs, Mama


  1. Oh my! That was crazy. Clara is so cool she didn't even cry. I didn't see it happen. I just turned around and saw you sitting on top of clara. Sorry I didn't jump to your aid.

  2. Yes, next time please assist when my child is drowning because of my big fat booty. Thanks! ;)