A wonderful day in the neighborhood

July 15, 2011

Dear Family,
     Aaah yeah!  What a great day!  It started off with Papa heading out bright and early for a 15 mile bike ride.  Wowza.

When he got home we watched a movie so he could cool down and take a breather before I whooped him in tennis.  I talked a lot of trash and when it came time for the tennis game he trashed me!!  Ouch. We ended up playing at noon when it was 95 degrees out.  What were we thinking?!  I thought I was going to die and my face took on a very reddish-purple hue for a few hours.  I was so HOT and told Trey I needed a cold shower or swimming so he said, "okay".

On our way home Trey asked the kids if they wanted to use their money to go swimming.  They all said yes, except Jonas because he's saving his money for a school trip.  Atticus piped up and said, "I give you some my money Jo."  Once we got home Atticus rushed into the house and pulled a penny out of his special drawer.  "Here Jonas," he said.  Jonas tried to decline the offer, but Atticus persisted.  Jonas took it and said, "Wow, thanks buddy that's so nice".  Atticus was absolutely beaming.  Oh, sweet brotherly love.

 Nora was loving the little slide and refused to go on the big one.  Stubborn?  What, my child?  Once she saw Jonas and Clara do it a few times she agreed to give it a try and then she didn't want to do anything else.  Typical.

Trey tried to get some underwater shots of Clara and they turned out, um... see for yourself.  Ha!

Oh my goodness those are some seriously white crocodile legs!!

Atticus and I were going under the waterfall towards Trey.  The second picture is gorgeous, I know.

Ha, ha I love these twinner faces.

The waterdog.

After swimming we hurried home, changed our clothes again, and then headed out to dinner.  
Sweet Tomatoes + Family Coupon + Healthy Appetites = Killer Deal

When we were done stuffing our faces we went to our old stand-by for entertainment; the pet store.  We got to hold or pet a cockatoo, a rat, a rabbit and a Siberian Husky.  We love that place.

I enjoyed your company immensely today, my dears.  Love, Me


  1. We need a waterproof camera! Your pictures are awesome.

  2. Thanks! Trey actually took most of them. I got him the camera when he graduated P2.