Santa Fe here we come!

March 01, 2012

Mi familia,
My handsome, smart, romantic husband starts his dream job of working for IHS (Indian Health Services) as soon as he graduates with his PharmD and MBA on June 1st.  I'm so happy for him!

When it was time to rank where we wanted to do a residency this is what we chose:
1. Pinetop, AZ
2. Shiprock, NM
3. Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe was put more as an afterthought than anything.  Guess where he got accepted?  Numero tres.

When he called to tell me I was ecstatic because we really wanted this job.  I was running around the house, jumping up and down and screaming while I was talking to him.  Yeah, I was that excited.  After we hung up I was overcome with gratitude.  I started crying and dropped to my knees to thank Heavenly Father for granting us this awesome gift.  

We decided to go to Santa Fe for the weekend to get the kids pumped about moving.  Cindy came with us and she very generously paid for the fancy hotel stay and all our delicious meals.  As soon as we rolled into town my attitude kind of went downhill.  It wasn't what I was expecting at all.  It was so... brown.  Like, Farmington brown.  The difference with Farmington being brown is that I've accepted it as such.  I'm at peace with it because family lives there, I know where practically everything is in town, I have a lot of great friends there, there are a bazillion green parks, and I know how close the mountains, rivers and lakes are.

Then we went to church on Sunday and my mood went from bad to more badder.  Yes, I know that's not proper English, but really it was bad.  When I asked some of the ladies about Santa Fe schools, none of them had anything good to say.  Then they proceeded to tell me that housing was extremely expensive and good luck finding anything in town that we liked.  Really?  Thanks.

I was hoping the kids had a great time in their classes because we hadn't told them we were moving yet.  They thought we were there just to check it out like we did Pinetop.  Oh, Pinetop... waahhh!  I miss you and your lush green trees, quaint schools (with supposedly excellent teachers), and the friendliest Ward in the world.  See? I told you my attitude was bad.  When church was over I asked the kids if they met some nice friends.  "No," they all replied, "the kids were mean and really naughty in class."  What?!  Noooo!  That's not what I wanted to hear.  As we were driving away from the chapel I noticed that across the street there was a large gated community.  It was called "Rainbow Community", with flags proudly flying in front of every house.  

Let me be clear, I have nothing against homosexuals.  My ex-step brother was gay and so is my cousin.  It just showed me once again the stark contrast between my world and the world of Santa Fe.  Now I love artsy fartsy tree huggers and have often been called such, but I want to have as much control over my children's upbringing as I can.  Hmm, maybe I'll homeschool next year?  This is all just so weird because I would have embraced living in Santa Fe in a heartbeat if I didn't have children.  I used to love moving and all our great adventures, but I'm ready to stay put for awhile.  The kids need stability.  Heck, so do I.

After church we stopped to eat on our way out of town.  We were talking to the kids about what a fun trip we had and asking them how they would like to live in Santa Fe.  Unfortunately, none of them thought it would be a good idea.  Oh great, we were hoping they would give us a little something more to work with.  When we broke the news Jonas started crying.  My heart was breaking for them.  We're all so tired of moving and I can't imagine how hard it must be for the kids.  Especially Jonas though because he'll be in fourth grade next year and he'll be going to his fourth school.  Poor kid.

What I need is to have more faith.  I remember when Trey was applying for an IHS position and I kept praying that he would get it.  I distinctly remember saying, "I don't care where he gets a residency, just as long as he does.  Please Father, if it be thou will send us where thou would have us.  Send us where it will be best for our family."  And then when Trey called me I just knew it was Heavenly Father's doing because Santa Fe was our THIRD choice.  Of all the hundreds of applicants, they chose Trey, who put them number 3 on his list.  Unheard of.  So now I find myself questioning why Santa Fe.  Why am I questioning?  I hate that.  Who am I to question the Lord's will?  Must. trust. more.

Sweet Jonas letting his little sister sleep on his shoulder on the way home.

When we got home Trey expressed to me that he was more than a little annoyed at my bad attitude.  Here we were trying to make a positive moving experience for the kids and I was being totally selfish and complaining the whole time.  No wonder they didn't want to move there!  Ugh, what a loser mom.  I have a big "L" on my forehead right now.  I've since seen the error of my ways and I'm trying to be more positive and help the kids get excited too.  I'm horrible at faking enthusiasm though so I guess I'll be praying for a better attitude.  Thankfully, Trey sent me links to all kinds of great activities in Santa Fe and he showed me some really cool houses for rent.  What a guy.  He knows I need all the help I can get.

On to our next adventure, my loves! xoxo M

p.s.  I think it's humorous that these are the only two pictures I took on our trip.  Obviously I had a bad attitude and is evidenced by the Pinetop picture comparison.  I'm so (un)cool.

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  1. It will be good for you guys and we will miss you but I know you'll be back soon, you can't keep twins separated for too long. :)