March 24, 2012

Dear Jonas,
Yesterday you went snowboarding for your first time!  You earned a very elite reading award at school and because we're so proud of you Papa took you for some special "bro time".  He said you did really well.  I told him to make sure and take pictures, but he didn't.  Ugh, dad's just don't get it sometimes.  He did take a cute video of you, however, so I guess I'll forgive him.   You had a blast and came home tuckered out and fully satisfied with your first boarding adventure.

Today Papa went snowboarding again, but this time it was a mancation.  Uncle Shawn took the picture.

Pretty soon you'll be shredding the mountain like a pro.  Okay, maybe not a  pro, but I'm sure it won't be   long before you're able to keep up with the "men".

Love, mama

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