Downhill Fast

March 21, 2012

Dear Family,

Remember just a few days ago when I was feeling so uplifted and inspired from Time Out for Women and I so boldly said, "Just wait and see, I'm going to rock your world"?  Well, my world has been rocked by a little something called, SPRING BREAK.

I should know better, but I was totally unprepared.  I didn't plan anything except to go to the park everyday and soak up the sun while we pic-nicked.  The weather doesn't seem to agree.  It's cold and miserable outside.  It snowed yesterday!

I was being grumpy when Papa so daringly said, "It's a good thing you didn't have to pay for Time Out for Women."  Meaning it was a total waste of money because it obviously hadn't done any good.  I gave him the evil eye and then started laughing.  He was so right!  I was not going to let the bad weather, cramped indoor living, and restless stir-crazy children get the best of me!

Time to take action.  I asked everyone to think of ONE (no sense in overwhelming myself) thing they would love to do for Spring Break and then we would do it.  Lucky for me, they're all totally doable.

When posing for this picture I said, "Put your arms around eachother and pretend you like eachother."

Jonas- Go see a movie at the theatre.
Clara- Invite a friend over to play.
Nora- Go shopping so she could spend some of her allowance.
Atticus- Have a picnic at the park.  (If the weather improves)

Operation Spring Break is in full force.
Love, Me

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