March 5, 2011

Dear Children and Lover,
What a great weekend!!  It was my Birthday weekend AND I got to do a seasonal must.  You see, there are just certain things that I love to do every season.  I look forward to them with great anticipation and when they happen I'm like, "Waa-hoooo!  My life is complete!".

Winter- Tubing and/or sledding
Spring- Pascua  (like Easter, only better)
Summer- Camping (every weekend please)
Fall- Fall Foliage

Poor baby boy fell in a huge mud puddle in the parking lot.  Although he looks miserable in these pictures, he did have a good time.  He was muddy and his hands kept getting cold (because he wouldn't leave his darn gloves on), but he loved tubing.  He didn't complain once.  

This girl had a great time and she very happily babysat her cousin Dahlin so his momma could get some tubing in as well.

The real fun began once everyone else left.  Not that we didn't enjoy having other people there, but when they left we had the whole place to ourselves and all the tubes too.  We're selfish like that.

The little boys men decided it would be brilliant to make a train on the steepest trail.  Not only was it steep, but at the end there were two huge drop-offs and then a playground to smash into at the end.  
Great idea, huh?!

Luckily (and thankfully) their train never made it far because they kept crashing.

They made four attempts and all of them ended in crashes.  It was really funny to watch, but made me nervous too.  I think I might have caused their crashes by unconsciously praying that they wouldn't ramp off the drop-offs, resulting in broken backs.

The funnest run of the day was the last one.  We hiked all the kids and tubes to the top for one last thrill ride.  There were seven adults, six kids and six tubes.  Trey and I doubled up with Atticus on our lap.

It was a perfect train that stayed straight, gained enough momentum to be thrilling yet a little scary, and we made it all the way to the parking lot baby!

On the way home from tubing we got into a war with Shawn and his passengers (Reed & Kaitlin).  They started throwing Black Cats at our car so we were throwing crackers at theirs because that's all we had.  Trey was chewing up the crackers and then spewing them out his window.  We even had Jonas trying to throw them out the back.  The kids would all yell and clap when we hit Shawn's car.

When we were almost in town Reed changed the whole game by chewing up a brownie, forming it into a ball and then chunking it at our car.  Splat!  A big brown glop hit our windshield.  
That was it, game on!

They continued straight on Main St. and we turned down Pinon Hills Blvd, hoping to head them off.  Trey and I had our mouths full of crackers and we were chewing and adding more as fast as we could.  When we saw Shawn turn down my dad's street we spit the crackers into our hands and formed a ball. Disgusting, I know.  There's a parking lot behind my dad's house that has two entrances on opposite ends.  Shawn sped up and entered the entrance closest to my dad's house while we entered the other one.  Time seemed to stand still.  The two cars were posed, facing eachother.  As we sped toward eachother we rolled down our windows and threw our cracker bombs at Shawn's car.  Mine missed, but Trey's hit it's mark.  A huge wad of spit and crackers splattered his front windshield.  We were laughing hysterically and the kids were cheering wildly.  As soon as our bombs were unleashed, we started stuffing more crackers into our mouths.  

Shawn sped off, but we knew he had to take Reed and Kaitlin home eventually, so we headed that way.   We waited for a few minutes and then we saw them coming up the street.  We again formed cracker bombs in our hands and this time I was practically on top of the car I was leaning so far out.  Splat!  My bomb hit the side of his car.  Woot!  By this time we could NOT control our laughter.  Well, all of us except Ms. CTR (Choose The Right) in the backseat.  Clara piped up, "Do you really think it's appropriate for parents to be doing this?"  No ma'am, no I don't, but it sure was fun!

Once the kids were bathed and in bed Trey and I went out to dinner with the enemies.  My dad and Barb showed up half way through and paid for mine and Trey's dinner since my Bday was so soon.  We all went to get frozen yogurt after that, but Trey and I just chatted with everyone while they ate because Aspen Leaf just doesn't cut it.  We're such fro-yo snobs now, after living in NV for two years and trying literally every frozen yogurt place in town.

Sunday was my Birthday and Trey got up early to make pancakes with berry syrup.  Yum-o!  I then got to open my presents and I was pleasantly surprised to see he had gone to my Pinterest account and bought two outfits I had pinned.  What a guy!  

Mucho lovo, Me


  1. That was an awesome day for sure! All I got to say is you guys better watch out, you never know when the next brownie ball will strike!