Orphan on the Street

March 12, 2012

Dear Children,
Yesterday after church you guys played, "Orphan on the Street".

It's a game you invented where Atticus is an orphan that you find on the street and he doesn't know how to walk or talk so you have to teach him how.

Apparently he's deaf too because you were teaching him Sign Language.  He must have been starving because you kept stuffing more and more food into his mouth.

Halfway through the game Atticus got deathly ill.

Luckily doctor Clara was able to heal him.

I like watching you guys play make-believe.  

Love, Mama


  1. That is so cute, and funny too. I had a dream when I was a kid that we were driving one day and there was a little boy outside my door in blue long johns. So I opened up my door and let him in. For a long time I actually thought that's where he came from. Sometimes I still wonder if it really did happen.

    1. Maybe one of your brothers is adopted! Haha, they all look too much alike.