Pinewood Derby

April 3, 2012

Dear Jonas,
Pinewood Derby is now over and you did great!  You and Papa worked hard together to carve, sand and paint your car.  Unfortunately, he couldn't be there for the race and he didn't quite finish the car, but thankfully Uncle Shawn was able to finish some last minute details.

The race was two wards combined so for a total of about 30 boys.

Woo-hoo, you got 1st place for your age group and 4th place overall!  The person who won first place was one of your best friends, Mosiah and he had gotten last two years in a row so we were happy to see him win.

The race against your cousin, Noah was an intense one!

The look on you face when you would win a race was so fun to watch.

Some of the copetition was a piece of bacon, a candybar and a fire engine.  So creative!

Papa was cheering for you over the phone and we was just as excited as you everytime you would win a race.  
Love you, Mama

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