March 28, 2012

Dear Children,
I've done you wrong.  Instead of being repelled by our move, I should have been embracing it.   Not only do I need to have more faith that Heavenly Father is leading our journey, but I also need to have faith in you.  I was so quick to see all the pitfalls of Santa Fe, so worried that my children would be led down the wrong path.  How dare I doubt your goodness, or the goodness of God.  I've been shamed by the words of a mother named Shannon who is much wiser than myself.  She too is moving to a place that is less than desirable, but her attitude shames me.
These are her words:

There was a time when I believed having your kids in the best, "safest" school should be the top priority. I don't think that anymore. I'm tired of this elite idea that one thing is so much better than another.

I understand the pull toward what feels most comfortable. I understand the deep desire to keep my children sheltered and protected. But what I feel even stronger is the hope that my kids will learn very early that God goes with them. He goes. With them. Everywhere they are, there He is. I want them to be around kids who are like them and unlike them and every variation in between. I want them to see beauty in every face and to feel their faith grow as they relate to the world around them with each new day.

My kids won't automatically go down the pipes because the new school doesn't test as well as the old school.  They won't lose their faith because more kids don't believe the way they do. 

Yep, she's a smart one.  Cut me some slack, she's 3 years older than me.  By the time I'm 35 I'll definitely be all knowing!

I love you and I'm confident this move will be a great thing for our family.   


  1. i just caught up reading your blog. and i have to say that i love it. you are soooo good at writing. you are a clever gal. and so much fun. can i be your new bff?

    1. Thanks Brit! Yes, let's be BFF's! That does mean you'll have to come visit me in Santa Fe though. I'll hold you to it.

  2. sounds like an excellent plan. and yes, hold me to it.:)