Visit to see My Man... continued

April 25, 2012

Dear Family,

Day 3- As soon as Trey woke up he took the van in to get it fixed.  I was so worried it was going to cost a fortune and that they'd have to order parts for it.  It cost a whopping $25.00 and was done really fast.  Sweet!  

Once we got the van back we headed downtown to a little store called:

Atticus was in Heaven.  He's a little obsessed with Cowboys right now.  He was so excited to pet this horse and he wanted every. single. thing. in the store.  We picked out some stuff without him seeing and we're going to surprise him with it at some point.  

Before we left the house in the morning we were talking about going to a Cowboy store and Nora said, "I love Cowboys.  If I see one today I'm going to kiss him."  What the?!  Um, okay.

She happened to see one so she puckered up!

Clara asked me to take a picture of her posing like this because she thought she looked cute.  Yep.  

Why is it necessary for me to remind my children in every picture to pretend like they like eachother??  Ugh.  Just "Love One Another" already!

At this point in the trip it was time for us to head back to Farmington while we left the husband/ papa in Panguitch.  But wait!  That's not what happened at all.  

You see, while we were on the road headed to see Mr. Handsome he called and asked where we were.  I told him we were about 2 1/2 hours away.  He said he couldn't take the waiting anymore and that he was going to start driving toward us and then we could meet up somewhere.  He's done this before when he was living in NV and we were in Farmington.   

It's completely impractical for us to drive toward eachother, both using gas and then to leave his car in a town while he gets in my car and drives us the rest of the way to our destination.  Then, at the end of our trip he drives us back to his car where we then part ways and he has to drive 2+ hours back to where he came from and we drive back to Farmington.  It makes no sense at all but I love, love, love it. 

I just love that he's so excited he can't wait to see us.  When we got to Page, AZ he called again and told us just to wait there so we could have a two hour drive together on our last day.  We waited and waited... and waited.  It seemed like forever, but finally he showed up and we were ecstatic!  We left his car at a Hotel and he drove us the rest of the way to Panguitch.

So, here we were on our last day and instead of having to say goodbye we all just hopped in the car and started our little two hour road trip to Page.  We packed a lunch before we left and thought it would be fun to have a picnic somewhere along the way.  

When we were just outside of Kanab we saw Moqui Cave and decided to stop and take a tour. "Moqui Cave is an astonishing museum of natural history located inside a huge 200 ft. sandstone cave.  This museum portrays life of the ancient Anasazi Indians of southern Utah, exhibits including over 1000 arrowheads, pots, bowls, jugs, ceremonial points, and working tools from centuries ago.  Fossils and dinosaur tracks also inhabit this naturally cooled cave, as well as one of the largest fluorescent rock displays in the U.S." 

It was pretty cool.  We got back into the car and were on the lookout for a park so we could stop and eat our lunch.  We never saw one though so we just kept driving.  Trey told me to take a little nap so I would be well rested for when we parted ways and I had to drive to Farmington.  When I woke up he found the perfect spot to eat.  Lone Rock.

There was a little beach and the water was just the right temperature.  The kids asked to go swimming and we thought "sure, why not?".   We didn't have swimsuits so the boys stripped down to their undies and the girls planned on just wading, but eventually they were all the way in too.  They loved the spontaneity of it.

I'm fairly certain Jonas was being a punk and splashing his little brother in this picture.

While the kids played I was busy getting to work on my drip castle.

An intense game of crocodiles.

I told the kids to pose in front of the drip castles Trey and I made and Jonas willingly obliged.

This is more along the lines of what I was thinking.  What is up with Clara's smile?  Maybe she was still in crocodile mode.

It was such a fantastic day and the best little road trip I ever had.  It made saying goodbye a whole lot easier.  Easy, no.  Easier, yes.

I love you all dearly,


  1. see, this is exactly why i want to be your bff. i could learn how to be a fun mom from you. cute stories.

  2. The first time I saw those pictures I knew that cave was outside of Kanab... because I used to live in Kanab :) Your pictures of Lake Powell made me so jealous. That is honestly one of my favorite places in the world. I'm so glad you guys had such a fun little trip :D