8 is great

May 25, 2012

Dearest Clara,
I wanted to make your  8th birthday something special.  When I turned eight my mom had a tea party for me and I felt like a princess.  I loved my American Girl dolls so my mom made me a dress that matched one of theirs and I wore it to the party.  The dress was a little big on you this year, but we decided to carry on the tradition and have a dress-up tea party where all the guests bring their favorite doll or animal.

Of course you brought Samantha along.

For lunch we had Princess Pinwheels (cream cheese, spinach, craisins and turkey rolled in a tortilla and cut into slices), fruit skewers, raspberry lemonade, and a veggie tray of tomatoes, olives and sugar snap peas.

We used real china to serve your guests.  Jonas and Eli took everyone's orders and then brought their food to them at the table.

For the remainder of the party they spied on the girls.  They thought they were so sneaky and cool.

My cousin Hailie was the official manicure specialist and did all of the girl's nails.

The hit of the party was face painting.  There was always a line of anxious little girls.

Each girl got to choose either a butterfly, flower, or her initials.

Papa was the expert face painter.  He got dressed up for the event in slacks and a shirt and tie and then I squished him into this little tent.  He was such a good sport about it.  He must love you a lot.

I didn't have time to make the cake you requested so papa had to rush to the store at the last minute and buy one.  You were not happy about it, but got over it pretty quick thank goodness.  

I hope all your dreams come true my darling daughter.


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