The 4th

July 5, 2012

Dear Family,
For the 4th of July we went to Los Alamos and spent time with the Miller's.  It was a lovely day indeed.

We played at the park for most of the day.  There were some pretty intense rounds of Steal the Flag.

Clara tried to carry Malachi and it gave us a good laugh.  He probably weighs almost as much as her!

We ate outside and Lincoln rigged a tarp over us because it started raining as soon as we sat down to eat.

The rain didn't stop these littles.  They stayed on the tramp during the prayer and it was so funny because Atticus knelt down so reverently and quietly to say the prayer.  He bowed his head and closed his eyes tightly and then began the longest prayer I've ever heard him say.  He went on and on and on, all the while keeping his composure while Malachi bounced circles around him.  By the end, we were all laughing, including adults. 

I'm pretty sure their dinner consisted of watermelon.  We just kept handing them watermelon and they kept bouncing in the rain, entertaining us all.  

Love, Me

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