Chill Out

May 9, 2012

Dear Children,

The weather's finally warm enough to play outside in the water.  Woo-hoo, Summer will be here soon!!  Earlier in the week we happened to drive by the Splash Park and noticed that the water was turned on.

Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees so right after school we rushed home, had a snack, got on swimsuits, and headed for fun.  Sometimes I like doing things for you just because.  

Just because I love you.

Just because I like being with you.

Just because you're my children.

We often reward you when you behave well, you make good grades, or when you do well in sports.  You like the praise and the rewards and we like giving them to you.  I want to make sure you know that we also think you're great just for being YOU.

I like these two pictures because it shows your brother/ sister bonds.  

Poor Atticus.  Your swimsuit was way too big.  When you were running to the restroom your shorts fell down and it made you trip and fall. 

Your buddy Jonas was nice enough to turn around and help you.

Love ya, Mama

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  1. I love that picture of Atticus's little buns. You're an awesome mom.