Gettin Jiggy With It

May 10, 2012

Dear Children,
Tonight your school had a little health fair/ carnival/ weirdness that we attended.  It was a jumble of strange happenings, but you seemed to enjoy yourselves.  The highlight of your evening was facepainting.  We stood in that line forever.  Thank goodness the line was right by Zumba so we could have some entertainment while we waited.

The highlight of my evening was Zumba; watching Zumba.  I'm too much of a white girl to partcipate in Zumba.  The ladies in the back though?  They were gettin jiggy with it!  Oh my, I could have stood in that facepainting line for another hour and been completley entertained.  Ok, maybe five more minutes... but still, they were sure funny fun to watch.

Love, Me

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