Fall fun

September 29, 2012

Dear Family,
I could see the leaves changing on the mountain and I could hear them calling my name.  Then, one day when I was feeling a little down about something or other the dear sweet husband said it was time to go see my leaves. 

Oh my, it did my soul good.

We drove to the top of the mountain, stopping every once in awhile to take pictures.

When we got to the top we found a little trail and decided to go for a walk through the woods.

It was beautiful!  We were trying to reach the front side of the mountain so we could look out on Santa Fe as the sun set.

The sun ended up moving faster than we could walk so we decided we should head back before it got too dark.

As we were walking to the car we began to hear music.  Faint music that sounded like... bag pipes?  As we walked it got louder and, yes, it was definitely bag pipes.  It was loud now and the forest was literally full of music.  It was echoing all around us and it was hard to know which direction it was coming from.  It was very magical with the setting sun on the golden leaves and then the incredible music that seemed to be coming from nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

We thought we saw the magical bag piper at one point and the kids tried to run to catch up with him, but then he bolted and disappeared around a corner.   Hmm.  When we got to the van we were loading up the kids and we looked up to see a bearded man, in a kilt, with bag pipes in his hands.  So cool.  It wasn't the same person the kids had been chasing though.  Oops.

As we were driving down the mountain we stopped one more time at an outlook to take pictures.

Thanks for the seasonal must.
Love, Me

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