A visit

December 3. 2012

Dear Children,

We had a great visit with Brian and Mimi over the weekend.  They came for an early Christmas since we won't be able to make it to UT to visit them.  

We went out to eat at our favorite restaurants and then took them to one of our favorite shopping experiences, Jackalope.  The kids were bummed that the prairie dogs weren't out and about.  I love all the colors at Jackalope... and the textures... and the smells... and the style.

They came with the perfect gifts for all: books for Jonas, an art kit for Clara, Hello Kitty stuff for Sonora, and Legos for Atticus.  They also gave the parents a very generous gift.

When they went back to their hotel one night Trey and I stayed up until after midnight building every Lego model we could with Atticus' kit.  It was a fun mini-date night.

When he woke up he was so excited.

I'm so glad they came for a visit and that we were able to get to know Brian a little better.  He's such a great guy and you've all said how much you like him.

Hopefully we can return their visit soon.  Love ya, Mama

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