The first of many

May 19, 2013

Dear Jonas and Clara,
     We've been getting ready for this day for quite some time. Our brainwashing efforts have finally paid off, woo-hoo!  It's no coincidence that you've asked for backpacking gear for the past few Christmas' and Birthdays, and yet you've never even been backpacking!  We planted the seeds and boy did they ever take root.  We've successfully turned you into children who love hiking, camping, fishing, snowboarding (Jonas), shooting, and now... backpacking.

Papa had a four day weekend so he planned on taking a little trip to the mountains.  We were all going to go, but it got too crazy and he ended up just taking the Bigs (aka Jonas and Clara).  He really only wanted to take one child because that would have made life so much easier, but I begged him to take the both of you.  You've been fighting horribly lately and I don't like it one bit.  It was my hope (and prayer) that this would be a good memory for the two of you and bring you closer together.  It was a great trip, but there were more than a few mishaps along the way.

Mishap #1- Snow
Eek!  I so wasn't expecting that.  I actually had you both in shorts and t-shirts when I dropped you off at Papa's work.  He looked at me like I was crazy and told me to go back home and get pants and jackets for you guys while he took you to the store to get last minute supplies.   On the first night out on the trail you warmed up your feet by the fire and attempted to dry off your wet clothes.  I didn't pack enough socks though and Jonas' caught on fire while they were drying off.  Hahaha!  Oops, my bad.

Mishap #2- Pants
The pants I went home to get were all Jonas' because Clara didn't have any that would work for camping.  Well, they didn't exactly fit the best so Papa had to make suspenders for Clara out of bungee cords and Jonas wore Papa's belt.  Oops, my bad again. 

Mishap #3- Um?
My poor daughter.  I guess I never properly taught her how to use the restroom in the wild.  The results were too sad to reveal, but we've since fixed the issue.  Oops, my bad again.

The rest of the trip was a huge success though!  The two of you came home beaming.  You hiked a total of 18 miles in 3 days!  You hiked through snow, the charred remains of a forest fire, through a gorgeous valley, across a river, and down the mountain.  Papa and I are so proud of you!  

Once you got back to town he took you straight to Baskin Robbins for a banana split.  You looked and smelled so lovely, everyone was staring at you, wondering if you were homeless I'm sure.  I remember after the first time Papa and I went backpacking together we went and got a banana split too.  Oh my, it was heavenly!  It tasted so good after eating freeze-dried camping meals for four days!  As soon as we were done with our banana split we went to In-N-Out Burger for a hamburger and fries.  Delicious!  After your ice cream you got to come home to your sweet, sweet mama though, and to the littles who missed you bunches.  

I'm so glad you enjoy nature with us!  Love, Mama

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