Soccer Season

May 22, 2013

Dear Children,
     Hallelujah, soccer season is over!  Ugh, I really didn't like it this year.  I felt like my time was already being stretched so much that it couldn't take any more.  Phew, we survived though and you all had a great time!

It was Atticus' first year to be in the League and for all the hype he put into it we were surprised that he was only half-hearted once it came down to actually being on a team and playing.

If Jonas liked soccer as much as he liked reading and math we'd have a potential professional on our hands.  The other day he told he about a very complex multiplication system he likes to do in his head.  I was impressed and asked him how he thought of it.  He explained that he does math problems all the time when he's at soccer practice and during games.  Oh, that totally explains the far-away, off in never-never land look he usually has when he's on the field.  Oh man, I love this daydreamer.  
Focus boy, focus!

The game where Sonora scored the most goals was one in which it could have ended in tears and a tantrum.  She was being super grumpy, but her Papa gave her a pep talk and a magic rock to hold that would give her hustling and goal scoring powers.  She held it in her hand the whole game and it worked!  Abracazam!

Ms. Clara really showed us where hard work and determination can get you.  She used to not like soccer much at all and would just follow the ball around on the field, but never actually kick it.  Last year we started to see a spark of interest forming and this year she really sprang to action and became an All-star player.

We were so lucky to have Grandpa Steve come to some games!  He was in town for Jonas' NDI performance, but stayed for soccer games the next day too.  Jonas loved having someone to play checkers with.

All my love, Mama

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