A drive in the mountains

May 04, 2013 

Dear love,
     What a lovely night.  You took me on a drive into the mountains and the air was thick with the promise of summer.  

We came to a stop in the road, but we just weren't ready to turn around and head home quite yet.  You dug a trench with your trusty shovel that came equipped on the Ural and we were able to barely squeeze under the gate so that we could continue on the road.

The views were incredible and we were enjoying ourselves immensely, but the sun was quickly setting  so we had to make our way back.

Once we got to the gate again, we couldn't even fit under it with the trench dug.  We ended up having to take the mirrors off!  Haha, good thing I have such a handy hunk of a husband!

What a perfect night with my love.  

xoxo, Me

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