A visitor

May 28, 2013

Dear Children,
When we left Texas we had a surprise guest for the ride.  Grandma Cindy came with us because she wanted to go to Farmington and Utah to visit people.  Papa drove our van with the littles and I drove Grandmas car with her and the bigs.  I'm going to go ahead and give myself props now for the best daughter in law ever.  That was a long trip across Texas and New Mexico and I really don't like driving, but I did it yo.

She spent the night and then we went to the Children's Museum the next morning.  She thought it would be fun to paint Jonas' face with a beard, mustache, sideburns and a unibrow.  Jonas, you were such a good sport and let her go to town.

Atticus, of course, painted his face in usual Hulk fashion.  Green is his go-to color and he covers his entire face every time!  It just so happens that the green face paint is the hardest to get out.  For a few days after museum visits he's always rocking green eye liner.

After the museum Grandma babysat so I could go to my allergist appointment (thanks Cindy!).  It turns out I'm highly allergic to weeds.  All of them.  It looks like Papa and you kiddos will be doing all of the weeding in the future.  Sorry, that's just the way is has to be, my doctor said so.

Love, Mama

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