Field Day

May 16, 2013

Dear Children,
     I volunteered to help with Field Day, but they had it pretty much covered so all I did was go around taking pictures of my cute kiddos.   At one point during the day Papa called to ask how you guys were doing and how many ribbons you had won.  I had to break the news to him that things are just way too P.C. these days for winners and losers.  I'm okay with it, but I do remember the best thing about Field Day when I was a kid was trying to see how many ribbons I could collect.  I honestly believe I tried harder and went faster because of those babies.  Even if I only got one 4th place ribbon I was still proud of it and tacked it to the wall. By the way, the next year I did much better because of that competitive spirit.  Today was all about fun and games and you enjoyed it a lot, I'm just reminiscing about the past and maybe mourning a little for the way things used to be.  Aaah, I'm getting so old!

Clara, after you cut your hair your best friend Eva liked it so much that she cut hers super short too.  Twinners!

Atticus was tagging along with me and was super excited when he was allowed to help Sonora with some of the events.  

Oh, I just love the brother sister bond you too have.  Sonora's nickname for Atticus is Buds and she's nice to him most of the time, except for when she's hungry or tired.  

Good job on having fun today!
Love, Mama

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