Field trips

May 14, 2013

Dear Jonas and Atticus,
     I love going on field trips and participating in the classroom for my kids, but with four children and working part time it makes it difficult.  The other day I lucked out and Jonas' teacher didn't have any parent volunteers to help out with the field trip to the Folk Art Museum (which I love, love, love).  She came down to my class to ask if there was any way I could go with them.  I talked to the principal, Ms. Davis and she said it was a-okay.  What a sweet deal, I got paid to take a field trip with my son!  It was great having one-on-one time all day with such a dynamite kid.  My favorite part of the Museum is the Girard wing, I never get tired of it.  This is the only picture I took, but at least I got one:  

A few days later I had a field trip with my PreK class and I got to take Atticus along with me.  Yeah!  We went to Las Golondrinas, which was so cool. From their websiteEl Rancho de las Golondrinas is a living history museum located on 200 acres in a rural farming valley just south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The museum, dedicated to the history, heritage and culture of 18th and 19th century New Mexico, opened in 1972. Original colonial buildings on the site date from the early 1700s. In addition, historic buildings from other parts of northern New Mexico have been reconstructed at Las Golondrinas. Villagers clothed in the styles of the times show how life was lived on the frontier in early New Mexico.  

Atticus, you were such a good boy and blended right in with the PreK kids.  I'm so excited that you'll be in my class next year and I can be one of your teachers!  Today we practiced having you call me Ms. Meshan instead of Mom and you thought it was hilarious.

I love you both my sweet boys.

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