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May 12, 2013

Dear Jonas,
     You had your end of the year NDI (National Dance Institute) performance tonight and I was blown away!  The choreography, the live band, the costumes... all fantastic.  Grandpa Steve came to town just to see you perform and he thoroughly enjoyed it too.  We went out for ice cream afterwards to reward you for a job well done.  

Do you remember when we moved to Santa Fe at the beginning of the school year and you found out that the fourth graders participate in NDI?  You didn't know anything about it except that there would be a huge performance at the end of the school year in front of multiple live audiences (8 to be exact) with thousands of people watching you.  When you brought the permission slip home you begged me not to sign it, a tearful plea that had me considering for a split second to grant your wish.  But then I thought, "this will be good for him", and handed you back the form with my signature at the bottom.   

You ended up loving NDI and each week after practice you would come home and excitedly show me the new dance moves you were learning.  At family gatherings you were more than happy to perform as well.  The week of the actual performances you were exhausted, but came home beaming everyday. Lesson learned?  Hard things are indeed good for you.


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