2013 Backpacking Adventure (Day 1)

Dear Love,
     We started our 2013 (6 DAY!!) Backpacking Adventure by eating lunch at a little restaurant in Penasco called Sugar Nymphs.  You, my dear, ordered the open faced flank steak sandwich with a creamy mushroom sauce and a salad.  I ordered the grilled veggies with goat cheese on foccacia with curry lentil soup.  We split both and then a piece of THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE IN THE WORLD.  Seriously, heaven in my mouth.  It was the perfect meal to fuel us up and then we were on our way.

Day 1:  The Adventure Begins (5 miles)

We started hiking in the Carson National Forest around 2:00 and decided we would hike until we came to a sweet camping spot.  We were looking and feeling fresh and ready to rock and roll.  I don't know what I was expecting, but I certainly didn't expect New Mexico's mountains to be so beautiful!  So lush and green!  I spy with my little eye, a hiker with a ginormous blue backpack:

After about 5 miles we came to a huge meadow and decided to set up camp next to a stream.  When we were snuggling down for the night, trying to go to sleep we kept seeing this weird strobe light outside our tent every few minutes.  We thought maybe it was some campers playing a joke on us, even though the closest people were probably miles away.  When we looked outside to check it out we realized it was a crazy electrical storm.  There was lightning in nearly every direction, but in the distance so we just saw the flashes.  So cool.  Oh, and the stars... amazing!! 

Thanks for such a lovely day.

One down, five to go.
Love, Me

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