2013 Backpacking Adventure (Day 2)

August 4, 2013 
Day 2: If we look beat, it's because we are.   (8 miles)

Dear Love,
     Well, this day didn't go exactly as planned.  After hiking 5 miles yesterday, the tip of my boots started to come off.  Before we left Santa Fe, there was no sign of them wearing out or falling apart at all.  I thought a patch job would do the trick and that we would continue merrily on our way.

Another small set-back was that I, um, accidentally broke one of your trekking poles.  Trekking poles are oh so handy when doing a 6 day trip with a 50lb+ backpack.  Sorry.  Again.  After about an hour of brainstorming what to do and attempting different things we finally came up with the idea to use tent steaks to strengthen the break and then you secured it with your eaglescoutarmyropetying awesomeness.

After filtering some delicious spring water for the trail we were finally on our way.

We bid the beautiful meadow goodbye and headed out.

The trail crossed lots of water, which I loved. 

Small streams and bigger rivers were plentiful.

Sadly, after hiking for a few miles it became evident that my boot wasn't going to make the journey.  I couldn't believe how quickly it went from a little nick in the toe to near obliteration.  Warning to all consumers: never buy Merrells.  We decided at this point to turn around, hike back the 8 miles we had already come, drive an hour to Santa Fe, eat dinner, spend the night in our comfy bed, and then wake up the next morning, go to REI, buy a new pair of boots, and re-route our journey to one closer to home.  Seriously?  We're insane.

But that's totally what we did and the Pretzel Burger I had at Wendy's for dinner tasted delicious after hiking out 8 miles today!

Love, Me

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