2013 Backpacking Adventure (Day 3)

August 05, 2013
Day 3:  Happy Anniversary!!  (7 miles)

Dear Love,
     We decided that for the second leg of our trip we would go to the Santa Fe Wilderness.  Here you are ready to get this party (re)started... on our 13 year Anniversary!

Again, beauty surrounded us.

This is looking back towards Santa Fe when we were almost to the top of the mountain.

And this is looking the opposite direction, on everything that lay ahead.  Ooh, the excitement!

We were tempted to hike Santa Fe Baldy, but storm clouds loomed in the distance and we decided against it.  I really tried to talk you into it, but luckily your wise counsel prevailed.  I guess it's not the best idea to start hiking a rocky, bald mountain peak that's prone to lightning strikes when you feel rain drops start to fall and see a storm brewing.  To ease my disappointment you said, "Sometimes the hardest decisions are the best decisions."  See?  Wise.

The picture below is after we had passed the peak and were headed to Lake Katherine.  Here we come switchbacks!

The hike to the lake was breathtaking.  After we went on the switchbacks for awhile we then hiked through the rocky forest.  It reminded me of the Rock Biter from The Never Ending Story

There were cairns all along the trail, guiding the way.  

We came up over  a ridge and there was the beautiful mountain lake.  We ate dinner at the water's edge,   enjoying the crisp mountain air and the sound of the water lapping against the shore.  As we were eating a nearby hiker came over to introduce himself and said we could join their campfire later in the evening.  Ooh, fun!  

Once we were done eating we set-up camp and made our way to our new friends campsite. Their fire was going, but he and his three companions were nowhere to be found.  Ahem, don't they know only they can prevent wildfires?!  It was strange that they weren't there and my dumb imagination got the best of me.  I had nightmares all dang night of them trying to kill us... and that's why I can't handle scary movies.   

Worst nights sleep ever, but thanks for another lovely day!

Love, Me

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