My mom celebrated her 50th B-day this week so the kids and I went up to Durango and took her out to lunch.  We had a lot of fun, but I have a confession.  I ordered the special of the day and the board said it was $6.99.  I thought, sweet, what a deal!  When our waiter brought me the check it said my meal cost $12.99.  When I asked him about it he said, "Oops, the board is wrong."  What?!  A six dollar difference?!  I asked if I could get my meal for what it said on the board since that was the WHOLE REASON I ORDERED IT.  He said, nope, sorry.  I'm such a penny pincher these days so instead of leaving him a $6.00 tip, I pocketed it.  Sorry dude.  I would also like to say, Sorry mom, I know you taught me better :-}! Oh, and sorry to my Trey Daug because he is a really generous tipper even if we have horrible service!  After I left I felt bad because it wasn't his fault and he was a good waiter, I was just annoyed.   
Jonas sippin' his root beer my MOM bought on her b-day because I just wanted to get water for my kids.  Wow, I am so cheap!  I really feel bad now.
Clara just chillin' waiting for our food to come.
We went to the park after lunch and played for awhile.  It was a gorgeous day!
Atticus' first time in a park swing.  He absolutely LOVED it!


  1. Meshan! I am with you on that one! It is WAY tacky to put a price on the board and then claim that it's wrong. ;) Good for you for stickin' up for yourself. Your mom really is BEAUTIFUL! It runs in the family! Hope you guys have a WONDERFUL Easter!!! Love, Katie

  2. your mother is gorgeous, nice and talented to boot! (jerk:) I REALLY hope I look that good at 50!

    side note, I love, love that picture of Atticus!! he is adorable ahhhh!

    please come to utah?

  3. Happy Birthday Pam! Don't feel bad for stiffin the waiter. I know for a fact that he could have changed the price.

  4. That guy should have gotten his manager to take it off the ticket, that is just customer service! But he either didn't want to bother, or was just trying to drive up the ticket total- guess that backfired huh? Don't worry, he probably took it off later so he could get his tip! Wish I hadn't been working that day, or I would have met up with you later. Pam IS fabulous!