My wonderful day:
I open the fridge and think, Hmm, what shall I make the fam for breakfast?  I see the eggs, bacon and OJ Grandpa Livvy brought over the day before and BINGO that's what we have.

Trey takes Jonas to school and I get the little ones ready and we head over to my MOPS(Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting.  They take my girls for two hours and do crafts with them while I have ME time.  I get a facial, get my makeup done, get my hair cut, and get a soft hands treatment.  Oh, and they feed me yummy food.  All for 5 bucks! I donated an Old & New World bracelet for the drawing and got lots of compliments on it as well as on my new hair cut and my "cute as a button baby boy".  Yippee! When I get my girls from the nursery Clara says to me, "Thanks for taking us there mom, it was lots of fun!"  I love gratitude in my children.

We go home, I feed baby Atticus, snuggle, kiss and make him laugh and then put him down for a nap.  I feed the girls leftovers (fettucine alfredo), which can't get any easier than that and I put them down for naps while I do a little blogging, jewelry making and clean the kitchen.

I wake the troops up and we walk to Jonas' school to pick him up.  He stayed on Green today, which means he was a good boy and he runs to me and gives me a hug.

When we get home I load the troops in the car and we go over to my friend Ruth's house for an Easter Party.  The kids dye easter eggs and make cute little animals out of egg shells (I wanted to take a picture of Clara's pig, but of course she broke it on the way home) and we eat yummy food.  Chocolate dipped strawberries and Veggies with hummus dip.  Two of my all time favorites!!!

We get home and my friend Kamela comes to get Jonas for soccer.  Carpooling is the way to go.  I look in the fridge and think, hmm, what's for dinner?  I look in the cabinets and think, dang, slim pickin's.  I go back to the fridge and think, uh? um? bacon and eggs again?  And then my phone rings.  It's my mother-in-law.  She's calling to invite us out to eat with them.  Their treat!  Oh heavenly days saved by the bell!

My Trey daug pulls up to house just as it's time for me to go get the boys from soccer practice so instead of me loading the three little ones into the car, he just goes and gets them for me.  I love when he's not at school and he can help me out! He comes home, we go to dinner and I have yummy Teriyaki grilled Ahi Tuna for dinner.  Lots of laughter at dinner with Trey's grandma Laurie and her brother and fam plus our fam and Dewey and Cindy.

We get home, I put the kids to beddy bye, do a load of laundry, kiss my hubby good-night and my sweet dreams begin of a perfect day.  The sweet dreams ended at 12:30 am to the sounds of Jonas throwing up.  

Another day has begun...


  1. Wow! and it wasn't even your birthday?! That was a great day. too bad the next day started off with throw up:)

  2. Take the good with the bad...It sure made me miss you guys...and seeing everyone. : (

  3. Wow what a day! Does sound dreamy! Throwing up sucks for all parties involved!

  4. Wow what a day! Does sound dreamy! Throwing up sucks for all parties involved!

  5. Sounds so nice to have a day like that!! I hate when my kids have the fly. You have to clean sheets, put new ones on, do a load of laundry, and of course put your kid in the tub, la-di la-di-la. Sorry you had to do that! No fun.

  6. Isn't that just the way mommyhood goes? But if the little guy was going to get sick, at least he picked a time when mommy was happy and rested. What a cute mom you are.