February 2, 2010

Dear Nora,
I was on the computer this morning and you came and asked me to do your hair. I told you to wait a minute and I would. Five minutes later, repeat scenario. Five more minutes, repeat again. I know, what a bad mom!

The next time you came in you were equipped with mousse, hairspray, brush, comb, spray bottle, and ponies. Way to take matters into your own hands, girl! Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing to do your hair.

Here's the resulting hairdo:

I felt the need to make it a good one for being such a slacker (aka lazy) mom.

Oh my goodness, my heart melts for these two!!

Love, Mama


  1. that is so funny, what a cute and smart little girl...can't wait to see you all, sans Trey:(

    anyway of getting me some yogurtland? I'm kidding. (kind of)

  2. Nora:) My little buddy. Cute hair. I'm going to try it on my girls right now.

  3. Nora is so funny! That's something I could see Markelle doing, well no she would have just done her own- scary! I love the pic of her in that hat- she looks so old though! :( I LOVE that last pic of Sonora and Atticus in the wagon, priceless!