February 3, 2010

Dear Children,
Parenting is no walk in the park. It's a never ending grueling trek through rough terrain. Of course there is beautiful scenery along the way, but this morning I just wasn't seeing it.

By the time I dropped the kids off to school at 9:00 I was thinking, "Woo-hoo, they're finally gone!" It was a horrible morning that began bad and got worse. I completely lost my temper and took it out on my poor innocent children. I hope they don't remember the times I loose it, but I know it's inevitable. Dear children, Forgive me. I love you. Sincerely, Your Mother

*This reminded me of the other day when the kids were playing and Jonas was the dad. Clara and Nora were his daughters and he kept telling them to do something. They just kept jumping around and laughing. I could tell he was getting very frustrated and finally he yelled, "Fine then! I'm not your dad anymore!" He then came to me and said, "Being a parent is exhausting. I was only pretending it for a little while and I'm so tired!"

Amen brother.

Love you,  Mama


  1. Heehee:) I'm laughing WITH you. Remember when you could hear me yelling at my kids from the gas station? You are a great Mother!

  2. With all your frustrations you still never fail to amaze me. I think that you are an amazing mom. I hope that I can learn from you!