24 in 48

Dear Children,
     Here is a list for you of 24 things that happened in a recent 48 hours:

8:30 am      We woke up and the playroom exploded shortly thereafter.  We had planned a camping trip for the weekend, but then had to cancel it due to Nora getting an ear infection and bad weather.  This is the aftermath:

9:30 am      Trey made biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  No one ever wants me to make them because papa's are far superior than mine.

10:30 am     Since we already had all the camping gear out everyone thought it would be fun to play with it for awhile:

11:00 am     Playing with the camping gear soon turned into a wrestling match.  It was four Rambunctious Children vs. Fearless Papa.  All out WWF up in here.

12:00 pm     Naps all around.

1:30 pm     While I was in the shower Trey drew hearts for me on the mirror.

2:00 pm      After my mid-day shower Trey combed out my hair.  Combing hair is yet another thing he is far superior at than me.

3:00 pm      Went out to eat for a late lunch/early dinner of take-out Chinese Food.

4:00 pm      Rented two movies at the video store- one for the kids and one for the parents.

4:30 pm      We went to Wal-Mart to spend some gift cards Gigi had given us for Christmas.  Clara got hair accessories and socks,  Jonas got pants and Pokemon cards, Atticus got pants and Nora got a new pair of shoes.  Each of you also bought treats for your movie.  Thanks Gigi!

6:00 pm     The kids watched their movie while Trey and I went online and bought each other Birthday presents.  His was super early (as in 7 months early).

7:30 pm     I received a box of chocolates for my Birthday from Clara and Nora.  Not just any chocolate, foreign chocolate.  When I was in UWP I lived in Belgium for a month and gained 10 lbs because my host family bought chocolate for me daily.  Mmmm...  Thank you my darling daughters and Serpieters Family!

Me + Belgian Chocolate = LOVE

8:00 pm     Tucked the kiddos into bed.

8:30 pm     Made a milkshake for the adults.  Did you know that for the first year Papa and I were married we had a milkshake nearly EVERY night?  We're pretty much milkshake making pros now.

9:00 pm     Trey and I watched our adultish movie... and then went to bed. ;)

8:30 am     Woke up and got ready for church and we were out the door by 9:15.  Oh yeah baby, I think that's a record!

10:00 am     We had Regional Conference for church and one of the speakers was Elder Duncan.  He said something in his talk about how Satan tries to distract us from what is good with things that don't matter.  Clara leaned over to me and said, "Well I'm sure not going to let Satan distract ME!"

1:00 pm    We just couldn't handle the gorgeous weather any longer, especially since we had cancelled our camping trip due to ear aches and bad weather and both seemed to be better.  We loaded up and headed out for a nature walk.

Hey Clara, wait for me!

2:00 pm   We began our walk/hike and it was Heavenly.  It reminded me of another time we had gone out enjoying nature and I was talking to the kids about all of the beautiful creations around us and who made them.  After awhile Nora started talking out lour to Jesus and she said, "Jesus, it's cold out here."  What it sounded like though was, "Jesus!  It's cold out here!".

Mountain goats

4:30 pm     We had to head back home before it got dark so the parents raced Jonas and Clara back to the car.  Parents Rule!

Jonas' mad photography skills.
6:00 pm     Trey cut the boys hair while I made a peanut butter, banana and Nutella milkshake as payment.  This time we decided to share with the kids because we're super nice like that.  Trey didn't want to cut his own hair but had to as part of our agreement.  He wants his hair long, I like it short.  I want my hair short, he likes it long.  So our agreement is that he keeps his hair short and I keep mine long.  It works.

Our makeshift baby carrier
7:00 pm     The girls took a bath and when they got out I put Clara's hair in curlers while Trey brushed Nora's hair out.  Nora made the comment that it was like we were playing beauty shop.  I told them that when their Papa was younger he wanted to be a Hair Dresser.  They thought that was funny and Clara asked, "Now you just want to give people drugs?"  Yep.

The curler cover- an apron aunt Annie and aunt Paige made.  Thanks girls!
8:00 pm  After putting the kids to bed Trey decided he hadn't gotten his feel of wrestling this weekend (he really likes to wrestle when he's happy) so I became his next victim.  We wrestled until I cried for mercy (literally).

11:00 pm   At some point (I have no idea when) I fell asleep on the couch and it was around 11:00 that Trey carried me to bed.  I remember trying to say something to him, but I couldn't formulate the words I wanted so all that came out was gibberish.  I'm sure I was trying to say, "I like you.  I love it when you're home.  Thanks for carrying me to bed."

Heaps of love, Me                

P.S.  The house still looked like this at the end of the 48 hours:


  1. lovely 48 hours. Although I wish part of that time was spent here. I love your family.

  2. That sounds like a fantastic weekend. Have I mentioned I wish we lived closer?