O is for Owl!

Hello preschool parents!

This week your children learned about the letter 'Oo'.
    *They were playing "school" and taking turns being the teacher during free play time.  Too cute!


    Circle Time:
    • Ocean Friends by Jodie Sheperd
    • On the Job by Lynn Metz
    • My "o" Book by Jane Belk Moncure
    • Ocean by Maurice Pledger
    • Hot Pot by Alice K.  Flanagan
    • Owl Babies by Martin Wadell

    • Old MacDonald
    • Ten little o's in the Ocean

    Ready Readers:

    • Worked on their letter pages for the end of the year books. 
    • We played "Find my Opposite" where I hid the letter "O" in one place and they had to find it's opposite, "o" in a different place. 
    • We had reading practice with our workbooks and flash cards.

    Arts and Crafts:
    • We colored and cut out Octopuses.  It was a bit of a challenge for the younger class.
    • The older class made Owls by cutting out hearts.  They turned out really cute, but it would have been too difficult for the younger children to manipulate the scissors.
    * Both templates for art projects are from First School.
    • Oreos
    • oranges
    • oatmeal granola bars
    • orange jello
    Next week we will be learning about the letter "Xx".

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