Somewhere over the Rainbow

Dear Jonas,
   Tonight my friend Veronica put hair tinsel (see photo) in all of the teenage girl's hair from church and she put it in Clara's too because she's super nice like that.  

On the way home Jonas said, "Ah man, I wish I could get that in my hair!  It's so cool!"

I asked what color you would get and you responded with some hesitation, "sparkly rainbow."

Ahem.  Sparkly Rainbow?  Really? 

What's not to love?  

It reminded me of when you picked out a sparkly bracelet during Bro Time with Papa and of the time (about a year ago) I asked you your favorite color and you timidly replied, "sparkly rainbow".

You now say your favorite color is gold, but I have a feeling that's not completely true.

We love you Jo man.

Love, Mama


  1. i wish u still lived here in farmington. andrew and jonas could be such cute friends. maybe someday.........

  2. hahaha my favorite color is sparkly rainbow too.

  3. I remember when he loved pink, er I mean red:)