X is for X-ray

Hello preschool parents!

This week your children learned about the letter "Xx".  Being a somewhat difficult letter to do Arts and Crafts and Music & Movement with, we did things a bit differently.

  • We made the letter "X" with Wikki Stix and then I let the children make their own creations.

Wikki Stix

"We're making robots and they have powers and they're cool!"  

"I'm just making these little twisty things."

  • We followed a map to find treasure where "X" marks the spot.  The treasure was Twix candy bars and Pixy Stix.

Simone found the treasure!


Nora found the treasure!

Super Yeah!
  • We talked about X-rays and I showed them X-rays of a dog, a hand, a skull, and this:  

An X-ray of my sister-in-laws wedding ring inside her stomach.  I told them how it got in there and they all thought it was hilarious.  Especially the part when they asked how she got it out and I had to explain to them it came out when she "pooped".  Major giggles.  Click here if you're curious.

  • We practiced cutting skills by cutting out the letter "X".  

Look how good my big brother can cut!  I can't wait until it's my turn!

  • We played tic-tac-toe with x's and o's.

My game with Austen.  He was x's and I was o's.

These pictures are from the letter "T" week when we had our tic-tac-toe tournament.

  • For snack we had "Chex Mix" and fruit roll ups shaped like the letter X.  On the other day we had a cereal mix of "Trix", "Kix" and "Chex".  
What an eXcellent snack!

  • Of course we still practiced our reading and letters.
Isaac is an Excellent reader and he doesn't even go into Kindergarten for another year and a half!

Dallin was the eXtra special Star Student in his class.

Brandon was the eXtra special Star Student in his class.

Funny Moment:  During circle time I was asking all of the kids if they knew any words that had the letter "X" in them.  The first word shouted out was, "SEX!"  I just kept right on talking and pretended like I didn't hear but it sure was funny!


  1. :) I'm glad my x-ray made your kids laugh. It still makes me laugh. btw it was 2 years ago today!

  2. You come up with such fun and cute ideas! I definitely want to sign Baker up for next year, he absolutely LOVES going to school!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! How do any of them even know that word??? lol! I love your stories, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see my kids having fun in this environment. Thanks for the pictures!!

  4. Kaitlin, Happy anniversary to you!!

    Brittany, I'm sure none of them even had a clue what the word was, including the one who said it!

  5. whoops, this is Meshan not Trey!

  6. Thanks for all the updates and pictures! We love them! -Kelsie

  7. All my preschool parents- you're welcome! I seriously love my job.