Bathroom Escapades

March 16, 2011

Dear children,
     Between Atticus just getting potty trained and talking about germs for Family Home Evening, my thoughts are in the Bathroom.  I have a few rather random and funny stories I would like to tell you about Bathroom Escapades.

*  When Jonas was about 3 years old he was on the toilet going to the restroom when Clara crawled in and began pulling herself up to stand while holding onto his legs for support.  He pushed her down and said, "This is not a game Clara!  This is poops!"

*  Shortly after Nora was potty trained she became fascinated with the toilet.  One day she thought it would be fun to see how many items she could fit in the toilet while still being able to flush them down.  When I found her there was a sock, a babydoll, scissors, lots of crumpled up paper, a ruler, an envelope and a cracker.

* Another time when Nora was 2 she was in the bathroom with Clara, who was then 4.  They were playing and Clara thought it would be funny to lock the door and then shut it.  Nora became a prisoner for nearly two hours!

*  About a year ago Nora was in the restroom when Atticus walked in and wanted to give her a hug while she was on the toilet. She hugged him and was laughing, but there were soon tears because Atticus pulled her off the toilet and they both ended up on the floor with her pants down.

*  Nora can't seem to remember that after we use the toilet we wipe, flush and wash our hands.  I made her a sign that is now part of the decor in our bathroom.

Love you, Mama


  1. Hazel needs a chart too! And olive needs a do not feed the babies sign hahaha

  2. I remember when Nora got stuck in the bathroom, I still love that picture of her.

  3. That picture of Nora in the bathroom in priceless!! Was she totally freaking out? I think Crew would of tried to kick the door down! No lies, that kid is CUH-RAZY!